A Limpet

Having a three year old is like having a limpet stuck to you

11/8/20231 min read

Having a three year old boy is like having a personal limpet: having something cling to you at every given opportunity. Boy 3 is exceptionally affectionate, which is lovely but also ridiculously suffocating. I am not sure I’d have it any other way but he is always just THERE. I trip over him all the time, he wraps himself around my legs and insists on being cuddled a lot of the time.

He was tired today so I took him out in the car so he could fall asleep but he kept shouting that he wanted to stroke my chin. Yes, my chin. He’s obsessed with it. You know how most kids have a cuddly toy or one of those yucky blanket things, well not Boy 3. He has my chin. He likes to stroke it when he’s tired or when he’s upset. All great but obviously not ideal when I’m driving or out (and he’s at home). I was still breastfeeding when I got diagnosed and had to stop quite quickly which I think was quite traumatic for him (well it certainly was for me). I think the guilt and emotions that were wrapped up in all of that just meant that I let him cling to me, truthfully I think it was probably quite comforting for me and it was probably more me clinging to him. But now I have a very loud 3 year old that is always shouting for my chin.