The Boys

A little bit about the real stars of the show

11/5/20232 min read

I have three boys and for the sake of trying to respect their privacy a little bit, I’ll refer to them as Boys 1, 2 and 3. I can assure you that they do have real names - awesome names in fact - but I won’t use them on here.

Boy 1 arrived in 2009. A gorgeous whirlwind that turned our world upside down (generally in a good way). He is now a teenager who makes me laugh every single day, although I’m pretty sure that any parenting gurus would tell me that I probably shouldn’t laugh at some of his inappropriate jokes. He is fierce, strong-willed and knows his own mind but is also very sensitive and feels things deeply. He loves football, talking rubbish, answering back, playing PlayStation and generally running around. He fidgets constantly, his mind working in overtime and is still that same whirlwind that arrived back in 2009.

Boy 2 turned up in 2012 - he was my easiest pregnancy and easiest birth, which is interesting as under no circumstances would he be considered my “easiest” child. He is a complicated soul and absolutely adorable although drives us all around the twist a lot of the time. He takes things very literally and often has us in fits of laughter (usually intentionally but often unintentionally). Boy 2’s brain is a wonder to behold - it contains more random information than most and he fascinates me with his thoughts. He loves his laptop, drawing, jumping round, eating noodles or cereal and will almost certainly be the entrepreneur of the family.

Boy 3 was born 8 years later in the middle of the Pandemic. Boris announced that schools would be closing on the day of my 12 week scan. Whilst everyone else was working with COVID restrictions, I was at home with my feet up, eating ice lollies, puking and pretending to help the big 2 with school work. He arrived at 6.08am on Boy 2’s birthday (my nephew also shares the same birthday) so it was celebrations all round. He is absolutely wonderful - so cheeky, funny and bright although can nag to the point of wanting to put him on eBay. He is adored by his brothers and thinks he is 8 years older than he is. He doesn’t like sleeping on his own but we are just sort of embracing that so that we can all get some sleep.

In case you wondered what they look like, I have included yet another high quality artist’s impression.